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Music Store in Webster near Rochester, NY

Bugera Guitar Amplifiers

Picky picky picky! Our obsession starts with tubes and ends with one of the most rigorous testing programs of any amplifier manufacturer. All of the advanced manufacturing methods, old school design and loving care that goes into building BUGERA, means you get a rock-solid amp that can take years of hard use.

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Bugera BC-15 ......$129.99 "Buy Now"
12AX7 tube preamp.
1x 8" vintage tuned speaker.
2-channel control.
Headphone output / CD input.

Bugera V5 ......$199.99 "Buy Now"
Hand-built 5-Watt Class-A amplifier.
1x 8" Turbosound speaker.
EL84 output tube.
High-Definition reverb.

Bugera V22 ......$379.99 "Buy Now"
Hand-built 22-Watt guitar combo.
Authentic 2-channel preamp design from the '60s .
1X12" Turbosound speaker.
EL84 output tubes.

Bugera V55 ......$449.99 "Buy Now"
Hand-built 55-Watt guitar combo.
6L6 output tubes.
2-channel operation with a vintage e.q. section .
1X12" Turbosound speaker.

6260 Infinium Head ......$449.99
Hand-built 120-Watt amplifier.
2-channel preamp design (Clean/Crunch, Lead).
Revolutionary INFINIUM Valve Life Multiplier technology.
Vintage E.Q. section.

Bugera 412H-BK Cabinet ......$299.99
200 Watts of handling power.
Switchable mono or stereo mode.
Recessed carrying handles.
4X12' Bugera speakers.

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Music Store in Webster near Rochester, NY