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Digitech Effect Pedals

Excellence through technology... Never resting on the past is what has mad Digitech the leader in guitar effects. Whether it's the simplicity of a compressor to the stunning realism of an artist pedal, Digitech doesn't settle for anything but tone...neither should you.

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JamMan Looper......$299.95
Over 24 minutes of looping with flash card.
Record rhythm loops and solo over them on the fly.
Connect to your computer via USB for recording and or storage.

XHR Hot Rod......$69.95
Each distortion stomp box features a huge range of different distortion types that can be morphed into different combinations as you rotate our exclusive Distortion Morph knob.
This gives you a near unlimited supply of combinations.

XMM Metal Master......$89.95
The Metal Master can morph between various different amp distortion sounds for a whole new level of sound creativity. Now you don't have to settle for a one-trick-pony distortion stomp box.

XMC Multi Chorus......$79.95
The Multi Chorus is the first true multi-voice stomp box ever!
With up to 16 voices that you can morph through by rotating the Voice knob!

XMS Main Squeeze......$69.95
By incorporating studio-quality dbx® OverEasy™ compression technology that provides near-transparent compression, and delivers long, real-sounding sustain for your guitar.

XSW Synth Wah......$89.95
The DigiTech team has gone way beyond with a full 7 different types of sounds to choose from, including envelope filters, synth tones, and filter sweep effects

XDD Digital Delay......$99.95
The DigiDelay™ lets you select various delay types such as stereo ping pong and tape delay, and other phat delay sounds, plus tap tempo so you can set the delay time exactly to the beat

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Music Store in Webster near Rochester, NY