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Digitech Guitar Processors

Digitech invented guitar multi-effects. The have satisfied more than a million RP owners. Now they have RE-redefined the product category with the most powerful guitar processors ever a totally new generation of modeling technology.

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RP 55.....$49.99
A great way to get started.
A multi-effects processor that is as easy as a pedal.
Choose your effects and save...pretty simple.
Built-in tuner and drums.

Element XP .....$99.99
58 effects with 200 memory locations.
45 built-in drumm patterns.
Expression pedal and chromatic tuner.

Over 160 realistic amp models and effects
40 second looper and expression pedal.
USB audio streaming.

Over 125 realistic amp models and effects.
198 factory and user presets.
Includes Steinberg CueBase LE4 music production software.
USB 2.0 for audio streaming to and from a computer.

Jamman Express.....$99.99
10 minutes of looping.
Seperate LED's for record, play and overdub status.
Unlimited overdubs.

Jamman Solo XT.....$149.99
35 minutes of looping.
200 memory locations
USB output / aux input for cd or mp3.

Jamman Stereo Looper.....$249.99
Over 35 minutes of looping.
99 memory locations.
Can store entire backing tracks for solo performance.
USB output / aux input for cd or mp3.
Expanded pedal functions for easier live access.


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Music Store in Webster near Rochester, NY