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LP Percussion

"The best reason to play drums." This is Pearl's statement for years and why not. The Export series of drums changed the face or drum kits in the 80's and Pearl has been a leader ever since.

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LP Aspire Conga Set.....$289~ $319
Wood conga sets with stand(s).

LP Aspire Bong Set.....$89
Well crafted tunable bongos.

LP Aspire Bong Kit.....$99
Aspire bongos with a case, cowbell and beater.

LP Cowbells.....$19 ~ $49
A variety of traditional cowbells for drumset or percussionist.

LP Cabasa.....$19 ~ $79
Afuches, traditional and tail cabasas.

LP Guiro.....$19~ $79
Traditional wood and Merengue steel.

LP Maracas.....$14 ~ $15
CP wooden maracas.

LP Clave.....$12 ~ $22
Wood and fiberglass models.

LP Blocks.....$12 ~ $36
More blocks than we know what to do with.

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Music Store in Webster near Rochester, NY