Music Store in Webster near Rochester, NY

Pearl Percussion

"The best reason to play drums." This is Pearl's statement for years and why not. Pearls line of percussion combine quality, tone and price.

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Pearl Cowbells.....$15.49 ~ $25.99
Sizes from 5" up to 10".

Pearl Tambourines.....$29.95 ~ $59.95
Hand-held, mounted; headed or headless.

Blocks.....$21.99 ~ $27.99
Traditional Ash wood or modern plastic.
Different sizes for different tones and ptches.

Maracas.....$19.95 ~ $29.95
Beaded or rawhide for different tones.

Ganza.....$10.50 ~ $15.00
Shaker tones in a variety of materails and sizes.

Practice Conga.....$39.95
Perfect for learning, practicing and warm-up.
Includes a "How To..." video.

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Music Store in Webster near Rochester, NY