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Music Man Bass

When Leo met Sterling... When introduced in 1976 by the original Music Man Company, the StingRay immediately became a universal favorite of bassist's worldwide. The StingRay was the first production bass to feature active electronics and the trademarked 3+1 tuning key headstock configuration. Today the basses are still one of the most sought after instruments. Plug in and hear for yourself why.

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Sterling......$1399 (starting price)
A modern jazz bass feel.
A 34" scale bass with slightly smaller body and neck specifications.
A great choice for the player looking for a smaller neck.
The single humbucker has 3 positions: series humbucking, silent single-coil and humbucking parallel.
Many options of color, fingerboard, bridge etc.
Hardshell case included.

StingRay......$1365 (starting price)
What is there to say?
One of the most recognizable basses in history.
Single humbucking pickup attached to a 3-band e.q. in just a great bass.
As with all Music man's, options are a plenty.
Hardshell case included.

StingRay 5......$1575 (starting price)
With the design of the StingRay combined with the flexibility of the Sterling pickup selector and e.q.,
this bass sounds and records great.
A piece of modern history.
Hardshell case included.

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Music Store in Webster near Rochester, NY