String Instruments Rentals (Rent-Only)

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  • The prices for Rent-only instruments is for payment in full and due at the time of rental.
  • String Instruments are sized for the student. If you do not know your size, we are happy to measure the student and fit them to the appropriate instrument.
  • Damage & Repair is required for each rental and does not cover loss, theft, or total destruction of the instrument.
  • Want to be an "Early Bird"? A $30.00 deposit will guarantee your rental to be picked up at a later time.
  • We are sorry but there are no credits available for instruments returned before the end of the Rent Only contract period. 
Rent-Only String Instruments Price Term Damage & Repair
Violin $99.99 School Year $15.99
Viola $99.99 School Year $15.99
Cello $189.99 School Year $24.99
Bass $39.99 Month $4.59


How to Rent...

Download and fill our Rental Form. All information on the left side of the agreement must be filled out completely. This will save you time when you pick up your instrument. All information is required* ("Rental Agreement Terms" and "Initial Payment" can be left blank at this time.) Fill in all of the "Method of Payment" information on the lower right hand side. Credit card information is required as Rent-to-Own monthly payments are automatic debit, and is used as a credit reference for Rent Only contracts.

You can stop by the store, mail it, fax it, or scan it and e-mail it. We will contact you to go over the details of the rental. We realize that some of the information requested is sensitive. We assure you that all information is secure and the S.S. # is kept on hard copy only and kept securely. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.